En reponse a la sollicitation de lassociation Mere et Enfant et consciente des besoins de l

Considering the population’s need for access to a healthier and cleaner environment, especially in the context of current health situation, SOMAPRO made a donation to the Commune of Alasora and the Maternity Hospital of the CSBII. This is done to answer to the call from the Mother and Child association on March 8, in order to express their support for women, on this special day.  

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The maternity hospital of Alasora received hand sanitizing gel dispenser and a supply of 2 cans of disinfectant hand gel. On the other hand, each one of the mothers who gave birth that day received a hygiene kit containing IMPEC disinfectant hand gel, IMPEC bleach, IMPEC dishwashing liquid, IMPEC wipes, a mouth cover, as well as pens, a t-shirt, a metal tumbler, a calendar and Vao Coco.

The group, that produces and distributes the VAO COCO, VAO SHAMPOOING, IMPEC, CARMEN, GAS’CAR, TSARA, MAGNEVA and HYDROGEL brands, also donated food baskets to the women and staff of the commune and CSB II, as well as to the Kolorano and Vehivavy Miadana associations.

Basically, 200 people received these donations on March 08, 2020.

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