VAO COCO+ Kinana
Coconut oil enriched with castor oil

Praised for the beauty of the skin, the hair, the nails and even to fight against some daily ills, castor oil is one of the essential treasures of nature! Rich in fatty acid and vitamin E, castor oil moisturizes and deeply nourishes the skin by plumping the dermis gently: ideal for dry skin. It is also suitable for ill skins such as herpes, burns, stretch marks, acne. Its fatty acid content allows castor oil to nourish the scalp. It makes hair, eyelashes and eyebrows shiny, flexible, denser and speeds up growth and regrowth. VAO COCO + Kinana (castor in Malagasy) is an association of castor oil and natural coconut oil, and combines the benefits of these two pearls.

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Coconut oil enriched with castor oil

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