VAO Shampoo Papaya
Shampoo with papaya extracts

Efficient restorative aspect of VAO Shampoo Papaya

Hyaluronic acid, found in the formulation of VAO Shampoo, strengthens water retention in the heart of the scalp to ensure optimal hydration. A real inter-cellular cement, the ceramides, included in its formula, makes the scales smoother and fill it in depth the micro-lesions of the capillary stem. With these two complementary agents, the hair is repaired durably.

Anti-hair loss effect

Papaya extract protects the hair from external aggressions (sun, rain, etc …). In addition, vegetable keratin, incorporated into the composition of VAO Papaya Shampoo, is injected deep within the hair during bath and rebuilds the internal architecture of the hair fiber to restore resistance and shine to your hair.

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12X20, 300ml, 5L, En vrac

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Shampoo with papaya extracts

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