100% pure coconut oil

Due to its high saturated fatty acid content, it is recommended to use coconut oil as skin beauty treatment.

Coconut oil contains two significant vitamins, one of which is vitamin A: a natural anti-wrinkle. It protects tissue degeneration (aging). The other one is vitamin E: a natural oxidizer. Thanks to its nourishing and soothing properties, coconut oil is considering as a star in the cosmetics industry.

Furthermore, it strengthens hairs, making them shiny and strong. Coconut oil also nourishes and smooths hair fiber, making it healthier, while pleasantly perfuming it. Due its high concentration of essential fatty acids and lauryl acids, it has caring properties and is easily absorbed by the skin.

Its high saturated fatty acid content makes it recommended to be used as natural beauty treatment for skin.

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100% pure coconut oil

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