Jasmine scented coconut oil

With VAO Coco composed of jasmine extracts, enjoy the benefits of coconut oil and appreciate the unique perfume of sambac jasmine.

JASMINE: Rare and precious

Rare and precious, and due to its rich and complex scent, jasmine is considered as THE FLOWER in cosmetics market. After it has enriched the city of Grasse between the seventeenth and twentieth century, Jasmine is now mainly cultivated in Egypt, where pickers pick up their delicate flowers by and at sunrise to keep its best possible fragrance. Sambac jasmine is an exceptional flower that provides a precious and matchless perfume, wisely used in the aroma industry. It has the finest, sweetest and lightest smell and is part of the “floral” called olfactory family. Its floral notes are reminiscent of lilac or lily and blend off very well with green smells and powdery odors. It is widely used in the creation of oriental feminine fragrance of flowery or woody trend.

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Jasmine scented coconut oil

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