IMPEC Hand Soap Peach
Handwashing liquid soap

IMPEC’s liquid hand soap’s formula is designed to bring softness and freshness to the skin. A small amount of 2 or 3 ml is enough for an efficient hand washing experience. Its neutral PH makes of IMPEC liquid respectful of the natural balance of your skin, unlike some solid soaps with alkaline property that may harm skin well-being in the long run.

Handwashing with solid soaps can be a source of pathogen transmission from one user to another. On the other hand, liquid soap allows no contact between the soap and the dirt of the hands and is one of the fundamental component of a hygienic everyday life.

Enjoyably scented with pink Damascus rose, green tea and Aloe Vera, mango peach, handwashing with IMPEC soap is converted into a moment of intense relaxation and leisure.

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300ml, 5l, En vrac

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Handwashing liquid soap

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