Efficient responsiveness

Efficient responsiveness relies on an ever-efficient reaction, which exclusively remains at the service of our business partners. Hence, all the steps from order management and production to goods delivery, is organised is timely organised in order to proficiently meet business requirements. Our aim is to supply freshly manufactured finished products, which is an undeniable quality factor.

Quality is our priority

With close partnership with local and international partners, and through the establishment of a highly proficient inspection system, we select the best raw materials in order to certify products of constant quality.

In addition, or “quality control” laboratory ensure daily follow-up of our transformation processes, entirely handled in our in-house production site. All manufacturing stages, from raw material selection to the packaging of finished products are meticulously managed by a dedicated technical team, eager to preserve our group’s unique philosophy: quality at the service of consumers.

Furthermore, each product reference that we produce undergoes the conformity control process of the industry ministry and we have a conformity certificate for all of them.

Deontology, thoroughness and proficiency remain the foundations that allow us to offer a wide range of outstanding quality products.

An environmentally responsible process

SOMAPRO’s manufacturing processes are designed to preserve our beautiful planet. Hence, our production does not emit air pollutants, and we aim to preserve water tables by avoiding the rejection of chemical substances.

A truthful relationship

In order to maintain the closest possible relationship with our products’ end-users, we often organise promotion events during the year, such as fairs and tradeshows participations. Our main objective in doing so is to receive quality feedbacks and understand consumer requirements, in order to take the necessary actions to revise our formulas in the best possible ways. We believe in the fact that the consumer is the king!

Customer relationship is our priority and an authentic partnership is established with our brands’ distributors. When a buyer holds a contract that he assigns us, our sales department is committed to uphold the link and cautiously respect each of the conditions established with the client.