SOMAPRO: The reference in the market of cleaning and hygiene products in Madagascar


    SOMAPRO is specialized in manufacturing and distributing cleaning, cosmetics, and para-pharmaceutical products. Our experience of the local market contributes to our ongoing development throughout the conception of various innovative products and services.

    Our production site is located in Mandrosoa Ivato, in the Norther part of Antananarivo. The product’s routing process, from its production to its market availability, is done through a solid distribution channel, including wholesalers, large retail outlets, and pharmacies.

    We strive to provide quality products that meets criteria of efficiency and excellence in terms of hygiene. We are outfitted with modern-day equipment, and a state of the art laboratory. In addition, we have incorporated one of the strictest quality control system, to be able to succeed in our objective to locally generate products of utmost excellence, that meets international standards.

    Hygiene: Everyone’s priority

    The company aspires to become a significant player in the market of cleaning commodities in Madagascar. It undergoes constant development through the creation of innovative products and formulations, yet not provided in the Malagasy market. We wish to satisfy everyone, from end users, to businesses and offices, schools, hotels and restaurants, in our ambition to make of hygiene everyone’s priority.

    Currently, SOMAPRO is preparing to export its products to the neighbouring islands of the region.